Heavy Truck Driver jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s flourishing transportation and logistics sector have led to a high demand for heavy truck drivers, making it an attractive career option for both Saudi nationals and expatriates. The country’s extensive road network, vast construction projects, and growing industries necessitate skilled truck drivers to ensure the smooth movement of goods and materials. In this article, we delve into the world of heavy truck driver jobs in Saudi Arabia, discussing the requirements, opportunities, work conditions, and frequently asked questions about pursuing this profession.

Requirements to Become a Heavy Truck Driver in Saudi Arabia

1.Age and Nationality To become a heavy truck driver in Saudi Arabia, you must be at least 21 years old for Saudi nationals and 25 years old for expatriates. Saudi nationals are given preference in certain driving jobs as part of the government’s efforts to provide employment opportunities to its citizens.

2.Driving License A valid Saudi driving license is essential for Saudi nationals, while expatriates need to convert their foreign driving licenses to a Saudi one. The process usually involves passing a driving test and meeting specific criteria set by the Saudi Arabian Traffic Police.

3. Experience and Training Applicants are often required to have prior experience as a heavy truck driver, and some companies may specify the minimum years of experience they prefer. Additionally, employers may provide on-the-job training and orientations for new recruits.

4. Health and Medical Examination Drivers must pass a medical examination to ensure they are physically fit to operate heavy vehicles safely. Certain health conditions may disqualify candidates from obtaining a driving license.

Opportunities for Heavy Truck Drivers in Saudi Arabia

1. Logistics and Transport Companies Logistics and transport companies, both local and international, offer numerous employment opportunities for heavy truck drivers. These companies handle the transportation of goods and materials between cities and regions within the Kingdom.

2. Construction and Mining Companies Given the extensive construction projects and mining activities in Saudi Arabia, heavy truck drivers are in demand to transport construction materials, equipment, and minerals to various sites.

3. Government Sector The government sector, including municipal authorities and public works departments, also employs heavy truck drivers to manage waste disposal, road maintenance, and other transportation-related tasks.

Working Conditions and Remuneration

1. Working Hours The working hours for heavy truck drivers in Saudi Arabia can be long and may involve irregular schedules, especially for those engaged in long-haul transportation.

2. Remuneration The salary for heavy truck drivers varies based on factors such as the employer, level of experience, and type of cargo being transported. On average, heavy truck drivers can earn between 4,000 to 8,000 Saudi Riyals per month, with the potential for overtime pay and benefits.

3. Accommodation and Benefits Many companies provide accommodation, transportation, and other benefits to their drivers, especially for expatriates. These additional perks contribute to a better quality of life for employees.


Q1: Are heavy truck drivers in demand in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, heavy truck drivers are in high demand in Saudi Arabia due to the country’s growing economy, increasing industrial activities, and vast transportation needs.

Q2: Can expatriates work as heavy truck drivers in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, expatriates can work as heavy truck drivers in Saudi Arabia, provided they meet the necessary requirements, including obtaining a valid Saudi driving license.

Q3: What are the working hours for heavy truck drivers?

Working hours for heavy truck drivers can be long and may vary based on the type of transportation job. Long-haul truck drivers, for instance, may have irregular schedules.

Q4: Do companies in Saudi Arabia provide accommodations for expatriate heavy truck drivers?

Many companies in Saudi Arabia provide accommodations, transportation, and other benefits to their expatriate heavy truck drivers, depending on the employer and the nature of the job.


Heavy truck driver jobs in Saudi Arabia offer a promising career path for those seeking opportunities in the transportation and logistics sector. With a thriving economy, extensive construction projects, and a growing demand for goods and materials transportation, skilled heavy truck drivers are essential to ensure the smooth flow of operations in the Kingdom. Meeting the necessary requirements, obtaining a valid driving license, and gaining experience can lead to rewarding and fulfilling careers as heavy truck drivers in Saudi Arabia.